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  1. presents, WoE Token! Only obtained via War of Emperium castles. Current rotating castle now all drops WoE Token at 100% chance. prtg_cas01 uses @mi 1354 and @mi 1355 You can use Woe Token to purchase WoE supplies and many implemented rewards for WoE. WoE rewards will be updated monthly. Added: Exclusive Gold Rucksack Costume Lower 1 SLOT!! *Will only be obtained thru Treasure Chest at 0.10% Chance!!* **Cannot be redeem via WoE Token NPC.* *Only as Treasure Chest drop!* Non-Exlusive Rucksack for WoE Token Reward Purchased. Poporing, Poring, and Archangeling Rucksack. These ones are non-slot. 0 Slot!! Thanks for choosing RevelationRO!
  2. Accepted. I will look into implementing this addon. Moved to Accepted Suggestion.
  3. Those were just an example for the Goku Hair lol. I am reducing the price.
  4. Introducing new coin system! Hourly Token Activity Reward for being only an hour will now reward you Hourly Token instead of Revelation Credit. Event Token All the events currently Automated including Keyboard Warrior, Disguise, and GM Hosted Events will now reward you Event Token. We are implementing Vending Machines for both of the Coins. You will find prizes and what rewards to redeem by saving up these coins! The Vending Machine will be located in The Office in Prontera. New Costumes Headgear! Currently on sale! If you buy 2, get the third one for 50% off. Each Costume are $10 each. Buy our special new costumes deal now for only $30 ---> $25 for 3! Introducing, CD In Mouth Baron's Evil Eye Crimson Booster Magical Booster New Wave Sunglasses Thanks for choosing RevelationRO! WoE Rewards, Vote Rewards & Quest Updates coming soon! Stay updated!
  5. Thanks for choosing to Donate to RevelationRO. All donations towards RevelationRO help funds server costing, host, future expansions, releases, sprites, and more updates! If you donate the following amount, you'll be rewarded: $5 USD will reward you 5,000 Revelation Credits. $10 USD will reward you 11,000 Revelation Credits. $25 USD will reward you 30,000 Revelation Credits. $100 USD will reward you 140,000 Revelation Credits. Revelation Credit can be used to redeem items in the Cash Shop and Shops that requires Kafra Points. If you wish to Donate, contact [Admin] Kiran or [Admin] Genesis on Discord. Thanks again for choosing Revelation RO!
  6. Hi!

    Greetings! Welcome and thank you for selecting Revelation as your new RO home. We will work hard to try to give you guys more updates and changes!
  7. Welcome and glad to have you here with us, Korina. Enjoy the server! Many more to come!
  8. Hello, My name is Genesis. I am one of the Co-Admin of RevelationRO. I'm from United States of America. My favorite color is Pizza, I like to eat circles, and I am Blue years old. I am a designer, coder, scripter, web developer, GM, Admin, and many more. You will usually find me mostly on discord. I will rarely show my in-game character. I mainly work on server side doing source modification,web designing, and server customization. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reply here or PM me directly, kthanks.
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