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  1. Add a vending list on the website next to online characters, that displays whomever Merchant-class is selling/buying things. Same can be applied for non-Merchants with buying shops. This is a nice way for people to see activities from outside the server. Keep track of what's being vended and so on.
  2. UPDATE! ~~~CONSUMABLES~~~ Blue Herbs Yellow Herbs White Herbs ~~~EQUIPMENT~~~ Lord's Clothes[1] Hood[1] Glove[1] x2, eventually Orlean's Glove[1] (2 pieces) ~~~CARDS~~ Baby Leopard Card Zealotus Card Zerom Card Green Maiden Card Cloud Hermit Card Stem Worm Card Mimic Card ~~~ETC~~~ (Endless supplies of these, if possible) Empty Bottles Scell Mole Whisker
  3. Hello! To spice up the forums a bit, I will be creating guides for basic leveling. This excludes dualing, excessive good end gear, Battle Manuals x3 and stat builds. However, I -may- mention those as an alternative for veterans. How you as an Archer can get through Ragnarok Online at a fairly decent pace. To get started, let's begin with Archer branches. Disclaimer: You play the game the way you want to. This is not a meta guide, or a quickfix to get second class. This is only to help people get started on the class I will talk about in a few minutes. Let's start by creating your character. Your novice begins with 48 free status points. Dex and Agi being the most popular accolation to a ranged class, distribute points at your will. After you leave Training Ground and Jobchange to Archer, equip your bow, your arrows, sell the leftovers(unless you got SP items like Strawberry from the training ground) and warp to Spores from Prontera. 10-19| Payon Forest (pay_fild01) Spores, Willow Spore provides good experience, job and semi-decent loot. Mushroom Spores is usable by a Creator, so it is desired to pick them up. Strawberries restores your SP, enabling to spam Double Strafe for when you learn the skill. Willows are good for Trunk drop in this server, so you can take advantage of looting many of them to create a Sakkat in the future. Alternatives to Spore: 10-22| Payon Dungeon (pay_dun00) Skeleton Familiar (Aggressive) Zombie (Aggressive) Poporing Assuming that you still have 300 Novice Pots, you can also take on Familiars, Zombies and eventually Poporings. Avoid mobbing too much at the beginning, as one Zombie bash can kill you if you aren't careful. Snipe and run. Skeletons provide Skull Ring on lucky drops, which is a whooping five thousand Zeny in NPC shops, and more if you create a Discount/Overcharge Merchant. Take the opportunity to buy Fire Arrows from the Sunken Ship Shop(located east of Kafra). They will come in handy 17-30| Mjonir (mjo_11) Flora Mandragora Caramel Flora and Mandragora are two still-standing mobs. Meaning they cannot move even if you attack them. Stems, Maneater Blossom and Maneater Roots are valuable loot, as Stem/Blossom is used by an Alchemist, while the Root is needed for a high-endgame cooking material. The map is not terribly big or convoluted, and is rather easy to navigate through. Alternatives to Flora: 17-35| Lighthalzen Field (lhz_fild01) Metalings Caramel Metalings are slow, a few Double Stafes can kill them. They provide amazing experience and loot needed by Pure Forgers(Iron, Iron Ores) and rich in natural loot such as Giant Jellopy, Rusty Screw and other items. Caramels can drop Coats. You can now buy Gakkung and equip it at Base Level 33. 35-65| Louyang (lou_fild01) Mi Gaos Mantis (Aggressive) Bigfoot Mi Gaos, like Metalings, are slow and easy to kill. Mantis can repeatedly spawn on you if you are unlucky with spawns. Generally, keep a distance. Remember that Bigfoot can drop you a valuable card and Poopoo Hat, a commonly used headgear in WoE. Alternatives to Mi Gaos: A Fan Favorite 33-65| Einbroch Field (ein_fild04) Geographers Holden Geographers are still-standing enemies, like Flora. The difference between them is that if there are too many Geographers crammed in the same area then they will heal each other. Be sure to strafe, strafe, strafe to kill fast! You can also use Arrow Shower and split them apart from their healing range. They also drop Maneater Blossom and Maneater Root. Holden drops Gunslinger weapons, that may benefit someone in the future. ---By now, you are a Hunter, or a Bard/Dancer!--- I hope this guide helped! I will update it to reflect any missing leveling areas. I wrote this rather quickly while waiting for my toast. There are a ton of maps on Ragnarok, each with their uses. Goodluck and have fun! To do: Add more leveling spots.
  4. Traded powerleveling for 1 Zerom and some Empty Bottles. Thanks Ken!
  5. Buying/Trading for these items. It can be a form of Zeny, or other various means. Feel free to Ctrl+F to search for a specific category. ~~~CONSUMABLES~~~ Blue Herbs Yellow Herbs White Herbs ~~~EQUIPMENT~~~ Lord's Clothes War Axe[1] (Not needed if I get my Lunatic+Injustice combo.) Hood[1] Glove[1], eventually Orlean's Glove[1] (2 pieces) ~~~CARDS~~ Baby Leopard Card Zealotus Card Injustice Card Lunatic Card(Need one more) Zerom Card (2 pieces) Green Maiden Card Cloud Hermit Card ~~~ETC~~~ (Endless supplies of these, if possible) Empty Bottles Scell
  6. Guild Name: Arcturus Level: 7 Leader: Amiya Timezone: EU based for now, but we accept all kinds of players. Space: 13/22 Arcturus is a Social/PVE guild that aims to keep each other company in some way or another. Even if you are grinding far away from Prontera, there is always someone here to cheer you on and talk to you when it gets tedious or boring. Let's help each other and have a good time on Revelation Ragnarok Online! We do not expect you to be on 24/7, or chat all the time. We appreciate the association either way. Not a party player? No problem. Love parties and farming? Sweet! I only ask that our members are polite towards people, guildmates or not. Interested? Message Ahura Mazdah, Amiya, Allie, Mayua or Palaya! See you in-game! *I'll make a proper introduction later
  7. Hello. I am Korina. I hail from Norway. I started playing RevelationRO shortly before the Beta phase ended(around two days or so) and have been playing ever since. I am an avid RO player since 2004. Mostly soloing, but I am always up to help or party up if asked. Don't be shy! See you in-game! ~