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War of Emperium

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WoE Token!

WoE Icon.png

Only obtained via War of Emperium castles.

Current rotating castle now all drops WoE Token at 100% chance.

prtg_cas01 uses @mi 1354 and @mi 1355

WoE Token Pic.png


You can use Woe Token to purchase WoE supplies and many implemented rewards for WoE.

WoE rewards will be updated monthly.






Exclusive Gold Rucksack

Costume Lower

1 SLOT!!

*Will only be obtained thru Treasure Chest at 0.10% Chance!!* 

**Cannot be redeem via WoE Token NPC.*

*Only as Treasure Chest drop!*


Non-Exlusive Rucksack for WoE Token Reward Purchased.







Poporing, Poring, and Archangeling Rucksack. These ones are non-slot. 

0 Slot!! 




Thanks for choosing RevelationRO!





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